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100% Reach Media Formats On The Rise

More than 10 years ago Jörg F. Zinke a former FMCG manager (Jacobs, Mars, Danone, Fuchs/McCormick, P&G) changed to the other side of his business taking his experiences and expertise in brand communication and media to start the development of retail media concepts particularly under the aspect to complete classical advertising campaigns there where the buyers decision will be made >> ultimate goal of advertising.

In 1998 Zinke successfully started with the implementation of “floor ads” (Floorgraphics) as the first retail media format with classical advertising character (standardized, bookable at retail chains, temporary and lasting advertising effectiveness, measurable). In spring 2010 Zinke founded a new company in Frankfurt/Main offering the already established retail media formats (floor ads, security gate ads) but mainly concentrating on new highest reach providing media concepts at the Point Of Sale/Point Of Purchase why he named his company “Reach100 Media GmbH”. The guarantee of 100% reach at all customers/visitors in the supermarket is the real and relevant USP of a media format called “running ads”. This media allows to run advertising campaigns sticked on the check out conveyor belts in supermarket, DIY-stores and drugstore chains.

After the first campaigns for various FMCG and retail brands but also for service providing companies (bank services such as credit cards, touristic, energy, telecommunication, etc.) a further 100% reach media format was added to Reach100 Media´s portfolio. A media concept which reaches all target groups at the Point Of Reach (POR).

rail ads” allow advertising campaigns on the escalator handrails in big shopping malls througout Germany and international airports. “rail ads” are also possible in big supermarkets (mass merchandisers) with 2 and more levels (POS). The 100% Reach USP is enriched by the fact that the target groups as auditory (user/escalator passenger) could not elude the advertising message for the transport duration of usually 30 – 45 seconds (average) and thus have time and muse to perceive the ad and to concentrate on the content.

Since this media format challenges the Creatives of advertising agencies, the advertising campaigns are mostly basing on creative ideas that are comparable with sophisticated art (see samples  rail ads/ADRail ). Thus those advertising ideas have the potential to gain cult character. This becomes a real opportunity for agencies to profile their creative capability. >>
© Copyrights by Jörg F. Zinke, Sinzing – Frankfurt June 2011


Welcome to “lateral intelligence”

Why “lateral intelligence“? Because “lateral thinking” is already used in multiple discussions as it is a established term about logic and brain power. “Lateral thinking” is the higher grade of intelligence compared with the “ordinary” or “elementary” brainpower. It´s not just the simple logic followed step by step in one direction to come to a certain biunique conclusion. It´s most of all a grade of intelligence powered by creativity and the ability to realize and identify other ways to discuss and/or develop quite new and differentiating thoughts even logically followed up to reach the defined goal. Using the techniques of “lateral intelligence” combined with the essential personal intellectual skills prodigious insights will be gained while logically follow a differentiating way to come to the aimed result. Not seldom the conclusion differs from the result out of the ordinary intelligence and shows new – initially not recognized – and possibly alternative thought-provoking impulses as basis for decisions.     © Copyright Jörg F. Zinke, Sinzing April 2011



Newest publications by Jörg F. Zinke

Mit Intelligenz- “Upgrade” zum Erfolg: Bessere Entscheidungsfindung durch “Lateral Thinking”

Die Dynamik mit den sich täglich verändernden Bedingungen zwingt Entscheidungsträger wie Unternehmer und Manager dazu, die jeweils aktuelle Situation permanent zu überdenken. Dabei zeigt sich zunehmend, dass mit der sogenannten “einfachen” auf Logik aufbauenden Intelligenz nicht selten das “bestmögliche” Ergebnis verhindert wird, weshalb sich die Nutzung der Techniken des “lateralen” Denkens zur Erreichung einer Form der “höheren” Intelligenz empfiehlt. Es hat sich in der Praxis erwiesen, dass hierdurch gewonnene Erkenntnisse für die Entscheidungsvorbereitung in besonderem Maße sicher und belastbar sind, wenn diese in einem begleitenden Dialog auf “Augenhöhe” mit einem erfahrenen Experten (Coach) entwickelt werden.

Jörg F. Zinke, Mit Intelligenz- “Upgrade” zum Erfolg: Bessere Entscheidungsfindung durch “Lateral Thinking”, GRIN Verlag GmbH, München 2014

Die vorgenannte Arbeit erklärt die wichtigsten Erkenntnisse der Intelligenzforschung sowie die Zusammenhänge zwischen “Kreativität” und “Intelligenz”. Es wird gezeigt, warum und wie die Anwendung kreativer Denkweisen zu besseren Ergebnissen und damit größerem, sicheren und nachhaltigen Erfolg führen. Mit der Darstellung und Erläuterung der Technik des “Lateral Thinking” (Laterales Denken) nach Edward de Bono (The Use of lateral thinking, Penguin 1972) soll dem Leser ein Überblick über diese Thematik gegeben werden, der gleichzeitig auch Anreiz zur intensiveren Beschäftigung mit der Erlangung der “Höheren Intelligenz” schaffen soll. Ein abschließender Ausflug in das für Unternehmer bzw. Entscheidungsträger interessante Coaching über den begleitenden Dialog unter Anwendung der Lateral Thinking Techniken unterstreicht die zunehmende Bedeutung des anzustrebenden “Upgrade” der Intelligenz.


Jörg F. Zinke, Werbung “just-in-time” – strategische Markenkommunikation durch Retail Medien (Publicity “just-in-time” – strategic brand communication by retail media), 1. Edition, GRIN Verlag GmbH, Munich, Feb. 2013    Order here

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